Monday, 8 June 2009

The Training (?) Began

Just got back from my first real ride on my new bike and my legs feel like jelly, not sure if it's tiredness or adrenaline, or both. For those of you familiar with Sheffield, I've plotted my route here->
It took me 1.5 hours and I covered 15 miles (so about 10 miles per hour), but that included negotiating boulders and rocks on the top of the moors and dragging myself out of waterlogged peat bogs! I've got grit in my teeth from grinning too much!
Felt great. Can't wait for the real thing!

Can I give you all a spot of advice? If you ever fancy putting your life on the line and taking in some of the less desirable parts of our beloved Sheffield and North East Derbyshire, can I recommend a trip down the Trans Pennine Trail, from Grenoside, via Parson's Cross, Wincobank, Darnall, Handsworth, Beighton, Sothall, Rother Valley, Killamarsh, Renishaw and Staveley to Chesterfield.. 30 miles of the most hellish squalor I've ever seen. Nearly got my bike nicked by some chavvy scumbag when I got off it to negotiate a gate and then rode passed a dead tramp on a bench. Well, I thought he was dead until I went back to check and realised he was snoring. Needless to say I took the road way back through Dronny and Sheffield City Centre! 47 mile round trip! Bring on the Whinlatter!


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