Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Rich Firms Up Details

Now then Everyone. Schonberg and mi gud sen were having a chat about departure times last night so I thought I'd start putting a few feelers out. As we'll be going in Neil's car I guess it's best if we all meet at, and depart from, his place? Google tells me it's 3 hours and 48 mins from Bocking Lane to Whitehaven (not accounting for traffic or a car full of five burly blokes, 4 bikes and associated cycling tat). So, in order to get there in time for some fodder and a couple of beers I'm guessing we need to be leaving at 5 at the latest. Even at that we might be struggling to get food in a pub but we can always have chips and fish on the Whitehaven seafront. Do we need to make any other arrangements? We probably don't need to take much more than clothes, toiletries and a towel as all the accommodation provides bedding. I'll be taking a C2C map, bike tools, grease, oil, puncture repair kit and a couple of spare brake / gear cables but I suggest we each take a couple of spare inner tubes (it's easier to change a tube rather than try to repair it while you're on the road). And don't forget you're bike lights, just in case. I've got a spare set if anyone wants to borrow them., If you've bought panniers, I suggest you put a plastic sheet or something similar over the pannier rack before you put your bags on. It'll help keep your stuff dry if it rains. Having used the National Cycle Network maps before I think it may be as well to take Ordnance Survey maps as well and plot our route on a daily basis. The NCN maps tend to be large scale and difficult to follow in places. I need to go to CCC so I'll pick them up. Don't forget padded cycling shorts! Saddle soreness will not be tolerated! A pair of incontinence pants stuffed down the back of your strides would probably do the trick as a cheaper alternative! Skiddaw House YHA is 6.5 miles from Keswick and can only be reached by foot or bike up a "mountain track" (i guess this is a normal countryside footpath / bridleway - see the pink line on the map below). Thinking about nourishment in the evening I guess we have 4 options: 1. Ditch our stuff at the YHA and ride back into Keswick for food and beer 2. Take a detour into Keswick for food and beers and head to the YHA afterwards (might be a difficult ride with a belly full of food and booze) 3. Take a detour to the supermarket in Keswick (it closes at 9pm) and take supplies for the evening up to the YHA 4. Take a detour into Keswick, grab some food and a pint, procure additional booze from the supermarket and head back to the YHA 5. Take supplies with us from Whitehaven. Extra weight but will avoid the detour into Keswick. NB. the detour into Keswick is along a flat road. I'd probably plump for option 3. (Embedded image moved to file: pic22509.jpg) Err, I think that's it for now. Any thoughts anyone? Rich

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