Sunday, 10 January 2010

Got me thinking...

I've not managed to read many books since my daughter was born and I've been making an effort recently to try and get back to reading now she's sleeping better. For Christmas I was bought two books written by Alistair Humpreys. They are the account of his cycling adventure, the mad man spent four years cycling around the world. I have to say I'm gripped and I'm reaching for my book ahead of the TV remote on a daily basis. If you like travelling, cycling or just reading about either I definitely recommend you pick up a copy of both parts of his book. His web site is:

Update 2014:

I finished them both a long time ago but they still stand out for me. Other books of a similar nature have not touched the same highs. The other people exploring the world just didn't embrace other cultures as much as him and his acheivement hasn't been matched by any of those I have read. Well worth a read.