Saturday, 6 June 2009

Further Planning In The Rising Sun

A brief progress report:
1. We've got accomodation sorted in a nice guest house for the night before we set off
2. There's bugger-all available other than campsites en-route
3. Henderson's relish flavoured crisps are nice, but a little pricey at 75p a bag
4. Rich has taken an action to sort out accom for the rest of the trip, with camping barns as preferred option, followed by camp sites
5. There is an inordinate number of fine real ales available at the Rising Sun
6. Jon and I thought it might be cool to do 'extreme camping' if we couldn't find a site - Rich for some reason didn't agree...
7. The route will go from Whitehaven to Newcastle
8. Some people who do pub quizzes are rude
9. Three pints is about my limit these days
All in all a 100% successful meeting!
Peace out.
10 weeks and 3 days to pedal-off!

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