Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Day 1 - The Prologue

It all started at 12.30 in Bristol, well John's journey up there did. Cadging a lift off the in-law to Nottingham to pick up his bike he hadn't seen for two years. It was then on to C2C headquarters AKA Sarah and Neil's in Sheffield. Where they were met by Rich and all four bikes were loaded on to Neil's car and the team set off. Taking a slight detour to pick Jon up, the five of them eventually leaving Sheffield at 6. So the team of Neil, Rich, Jon and John plus return driver Alan set out on an adventure of unknown proportions. Driving through Glossop the team discussed the merits of shop names, Shocked By Lighting sadly now missing from the high street. Cod Almighty and British Hairways given as examples of the great Chip Shop/Hairdresser tradition of puns. Stopping for light refreshment Rich rang the guest house to inform them of their late arrival. They were then given the bad news, the fish and chip shop would be closed by the time they got there. "No problem" said Alan, "I'll have anything except Chinese and Indian", "Ah" says Rich. So on arrival in Whitehaven a quick turnaround in the guest house saw them sat in the local Chinese just before closing time. You'll be pleased to know Alan loved his Lemon Chicken but wouldn't be replacing meat and two veg just yet. Discussion at the meal table consisted of the days ahead. Rich stating that refreshment would be in beer form while the two Jo(h)ns discussed a reward system of getting to the pub on Saturday night to watch the evening kick off. Saturday being the toughest days cycling. Alan voiced his concern about the team not taking the challenge ahead with enough seriousness... The team then headed to bed full of Chinese and two cans of Carling. Dreaming of gentle rides and beer gardens in the sun.

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