Friday, 5 June 2009

The Planning Began

Transport - Everyone agreed best option was to bribe a semi-retired Dad to drive us to Whitehaven and then pick us up again in Tynemouth. Payment would be food/beer.

Accomodation - What is a camping barn? To answer your question, a camping barn is a barn that you camp in. They usually have basic cooking, washing, showering facilities and bunk beds. Sometimes might just be a bench to sleep on. I'll ask my friend at work who did the C2C last year and send you some details. Again I don't mind if we camp or do camping barns. - Rich

Equipment - If anyone needs equipment like panniers and stuff I can highly recommend Decathlon. I bought their stuff for my Cornish Odyssey and it was really good quality and alot cheaper than JE James' for example. I think a rear pannier and bags will be better than trying to manage with a rucksack, but that's up to yourselves. Just make sure you get something in a heavy duty material with removeable rain covers. I also bought a handlebar bag which was quite useful.
I also bought a lightweight tent, self-inflating matress and lightweight sleeping bag from decathlon, again, all really good quality cheap stuff.

Neil: You may need to concentrate on getting a bike before worrying about bags and stuff.:-) - Rich

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