Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Team Pannier: The Jersey

Every team needs a jersey to be taken seriously and it was about time we took our Lycra seriously if we were going to be good looking MAMILs (middle-aged-men-in-Lycra). So we thought about what made Team Pannier, Team Pannier. All-you-can-eat breakfasts at the Premier Inn (or Purple Palace as it's become known) was definitely right up there on the list along with endless supply of sugar in the form of Maoam. Add to that our high-tech, state of the art, servicing methods using a bath and the biggest can of WD40 and our sponsorship is nearly complete. The piece de resistance is on the back, just above our well toned bum cheeks - Sudocrem - it soothes, heals and protects. E by gum do we need that!

There is the matter of the cycling club's logo (yes, we are a cycling club now, we're on Strava don't you know). Hours of design work from Jukebox went in to designing the logo and text to accompany it. A focus group was formed and it passed with flying colours. Little touches such as our nicknames and nationality flags were added to the side of the jersey - it turns out Essex use the same flag as the rest of us.

One last touch of class, our club motto, in Latin - yes you've read it right, we're a classy bunch us. Just in case you've not genned up on your second tongue recently and wondering what "superbus" means, there can only be one phrase that sums us up:
"Never too proud to push"

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