Saturday, 12 March 2011

I've Always Wanted To Cycle To Work...

...but I didn't quite expect it to be this far. Cycling from Yatton (where I live) to Avonmouth (where I work) is just over 15 miles going on the National Cycle Route Network. It's a pretty good ride and you only have to cycle on the motorway bridge for a short distance! I used to cycle the route the opposite way when I lived in Bristol and I know the section out to Portishead pretty well.

Some of the route is cycle path (you cycle around all the cars they store by the docks) and the rest is on very quiet roads. Today is the third time I've done it and the 30 mile round trip is certainly getting easier but I wouldn't want to do it every day. I thought it would be good training for the coast to coast and get the miles in my legs. Hey, if I've got to work on a Saturday I might as well turn it in to some leisure time.

I have to say there are a few people who cycle the route, probably more later in the day (I have to set off at 7.30am) and they all look a bit more geared up for the trip. Last week when it was freezing when I set off (literally I think) I didn't have any glasses and I had to pull my fingers back in as my fingerless gloves offered very little protection. Still you know what they say, all the gear, no idea...

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