Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Devon Coast To Coast - More Planning

So we're getting closer to actually getting something organised for our next trip and we've learnt some interesting things. First of all Sustrans don't have a map available for it but it appears the OS Tours Map for Somerset and Devon covers it well (used to be called Tours #5). Second of all there is a bunk house near Prince Town called Nuns Cross Farm that is cut off from civilisation (and reality?) where we could stay. There is no running water, heating or electricity but it sounds like fun. The question is do we want to carry our sleeping bags all the way with us just for that one nights stay.

Transport is looking a bit of a pain and catching the train down from Bristol looks the best option. We can get it to Barnstaple and then cycle to the start and catch it from Plymouth home. Let's hope First Great Western stick to their word and allow us on the train with our bikes...

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